Beth Lea ElementsThere are no courses running at the moment but here is some information about those I periodically offer.

Beginners Pilates – no courses currently running

A course of 5 x 1 hour classes giving an introduction to Pilates, including the core principles and techniques. Great for getting to grips with the basics before joining one of my regular/intermediate classes. Mats and notes are provided.

Beginners Yoga – no courses currently running

A course of six 45-minute classes giving an introduction to Yoga, including breathing, poses and meditation. Great for those of you nervous of joining an established class. Mats and notes are provided.

Relaxation Course – no courses running currently

Four half hour workshops giving ideas to help relaxation, reduce anxiety, gain perspective, help cope with stress and hormonal changes. We will explore breathing exercises, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, mantras, visualisations and a few simple yoga poses. Notes are provided to take home as a reminder.

Please ring me on 07393 177099 or email me at to register your interest for any of the above.  If there is sufficient demand, it may be possible to get one started.  I also offer one-to-one appointments in your own home.

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