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sittingsmI have been teaching in the North Norfolk area for over 15 years.  I teach Yoga, Pilates and many types of exercise to music. I like my classes to be friendly and non-competitive, here everyone can achieve their own personal goals.

In Pilates, I have a hands on approach and aim for everyone to do each exercise in
the best way for their particular body and what they’d like to achieve. The benefits
of Pilates include improved posture, a stronger core and pelvic floor and reduced back
pain. Please feel free to contact me if you have any health issues you’d like to discuss
before attending.

I have a Teaching Certificate with Balanced Body (based in the
USA they are the largest Pilates organisation in the world). Those new to Pilates will
need to attend one of the Beginners classes for a minimum of 4 weeks before joining
one of the other classes in order to learn the basics first. Those of you wanting a
more gentle class are also welcome to attend the Beginners/Gentle classes.

In Yoga, I have qualifications in Dynamic Chinese Yoga, Sun Power Yoga and Hatha
Yoga. I am a registered 200 hour instructor through the Professional Yoga Alliance.
The class will vary depending on the season, who comes and what we’re trying to
achieve. I’m happy for any ages and abilities to come along, whether you’d like to
improve physical strength, flexibility, general health or mental wellbeing.

I also qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in 1997 and this gives me increased
knowledge of the body and also an holistic approach to health, fitness and wellbeing.
I’m also really interested in the oriental way of looking and life and health and try to
incorporate this into my classes where possible. This gives an extra sense of
equilibrium to the practice and participants learn life/relaxation skills to use in
everyday life.

Please feel free to ring me on 07393 177099 or email me at bethleayoga@gmail.com if you have any health issues you’d like to discuss before attending any of my current classes, or to discuss a one-to-one appointment in your own home. You might also be interested in finding out about any of my courses.

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